Friday, November 9, 2007

Elizabeth Edwards is Coming to Macon

Next week, on the day after the presidential primary debate in Nevada, Elizabeth Edwards will be in Macon for a fundraiser. Her timing could not be better.

John Edwards has had a great two weeks. On the heels of a stellar debate performance last week, he went up on air in Iowa and today received a key Iowa endorsement from Iowans for Sensible Priorities, a 10,000 member group. Saying that their choice to endorse Edwards over Obama came down to a choice for "courage over caution", group members are expected to caucus in mass for their endorsed candidate, John Edwards. It's important to note that while Clinton filled out the paperwork for the endorsement, the group's choice was between Obama and Edwards.

The invitation to the Macon reception for Elizabeth Edwards is below. If you would like to come, and I hope you will, you can make reservations on line on this secure site. Remember, because Sen. Edwards is accepting federal matching funds, your contribution of $250.00 will actually result in $500.00 to the campaign.

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