Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Fox News Was Here This Morning

This morning, a reporter from Fox News-big Fox, not local Fox-dropped by my office to ask my opinion on the implementation of SB10, the voucher bill for exceptional children. They are putting together a package on the voucher issue from a national perspective for air in a few days. There were several items on the blog about that bill last year, our local school board passed a resolution opposing the measure, and I continue to have concerns about the new law. I told them what I have always said on this issue-no one opposes innovation when it comes to education, but if tax dollars are going to flow into the private sector, then accountability should follow.

The vouchers for special needs children in Georgia are controversial, and were just implemented in July. At this point, there is really no track record to judge. The state is essentially experimenting with our most vulnerable students. Plus, there is a concern about whether the local school system will continue to be responsible for the results with these students, even if they do not have control over the quality of instruction.

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