Wednesday, November 28, 2007

GOP Candidates Mum on Moms

..and anything else that has to do specifically with women. Joanne Bamberger points out in this piece at Huffington Post that while Democratic candidates like John Edwards and Joe Biden and other have clear platform statements about women's issues-none-read that none of the r's do. Oh, they have things about the "sanctity of life" and such but nothing, I said nothing, about women's issues. Sort of lets you know where you stand with them, doesn't it? Here's an except from Joanne's piece:
And I have to say, I was shocked. At least from what they've got on their sites, it seems like the Republicans aren't very interested in women. Granted, all issues are, in one way or another, women's issues. But I'm looking for something specific about the ones we tend to deal with a lot more than our husbands, partners and significant others.
As for the Democrats, they all have places on their websites to address the so-called "women's issues." John Edwards has his Promise for American Women. Chris Dodd wrote the Family and Medical Leave Act. Hillary Clinton is calling herself a "Champion for Women." Joe Biden has a whole section on his website called "Empowering Women to Take Charge."
So I assumed that the GOP candidates would have similar topics on their sites.
I'm still looking.

Well, what I'd say about that is that if they don't care about us, then we don't vote for them. I suppose their platform on women's issues is that they will, in the most paternalistic way possible, "protect us." Oh, joy.


Open+Transparent said...

"the list of Statesmen and women could go on, and move to some of our currently elected like Commissioner Mike Thurmond, General Thurbert Baker, Rep. DuBose Porter, Rep. Kathy Ashe, Sen. Valenica Seay, Sen. Robert Brown, Sen. David Adleman, Rep. Nikki Randall"

Are you kidding...seriously, are you kidding??? What have they accomplished? What? PeachCare, mass transit, protecting the coastline, strengthening legislative ethics and reporting rules, funding our state troopers, making a stand and getting enough Repub's just once to overturn Sonny on something?

Maybe,, maybe one out of twenty average Georgians knows who somone is on the list...might be closer to one of of twenty five.

Tina said...

Yes, they are leaders because they have stuck with the party thru thick and thin. Now it's up to the grassroots to get out the vote and put a Democratic majority back in the state-house. Votes, not wishes, are what pass legislation.