Thursday, November 1, 2007

Heroes: Edwards Up on Air in Iowa

John Edwards is up on air in Iowa!!


proudprogressive said...

Great clip , thank you ! WE can get this populist into office . Hell i even went back to dem from Green just for the primaries. No one can doubt this man's heart or integrity. Yeah he is a politician. But his lifetime committment and altruism for the poor , cannot be denied. Go John. I am on perm disability but managed to send 50 bucks..thanks to public matiching funds it was turned into 100. We must dig deep and do a lot of education and not solely on blogs.Its got to be where the rubber meets the road ..face to face. And he will do more for us peasants then Mrs Hillary will ever do . It is distressing that so many women are just not looking at her history and policies...the poor dear is a neo liberal same beast as the the Neo can but with different rhetoric - only sligthty different if one listens carefully . We can stop an dynasty in america - we must stop it. Politics is dirty business. If hil should get the nominination all i forsee is the nightmere of empowered Rovian tactics and endless clinton bashing for four yrs. OUr political dialog will be staying in the crapper. That will be just too much for too too long.. People wil despair further. And i gotta say finally look closely at the Clinton history sorry but the guy did some heinous things with the FCC , with renditions , with survailance , with DOMA , with workfare. Nafta and ushering in the NWO. This mindless adoration of all things clinton is really disturbing. Edwards come with some baggage but his laundry is way clearner than most.

Amy Morton said...

Yes, we can. Thanks for your contribution. It's amazing how many people are digging deep to give to this campaign! Edwards has raised half a million dollars on line during the last two weeks-$200,000 on the day after the debate! 40% of those who gave were new givers. There's been a huge shift in the big "mo."