Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm Just Not Sure Hillary's Going to Want This Endorsement

Over at Ethics Daily, Bob Allen reports that Rev. Wiley Drake, a former Vice President of the Southern Baptist Convention is calling on Pat Robertson to repent for endorsing Rudy Giuliani for President and is calling on Christians to boycott the Christian Broadcasting Network and the 700 Club until he does. These tactics are familiar to Drake who is best known for initiating the SBC boycott of Disney.

Drake goes on to say, if forced to choose, Hillary Clinton is a better alternative than Giuliani. Why? Well, Clinton, he says, is pro-choice, not pro-abortion like Giuliani, and while she is "tolerant" of homosexuality, "she does not like homosexuals but wants them to have their freedom." Giuliani, Drake says, "is not only tolerant, he is active. Giuliani "has even gone so far to be a cross-dresser," Drake said, and marched in a gay-pride parade. "I cannot imagine Hillary, for example, dressing up like a man and marching in a gay-pride parade." Okay, then.

Note to Hillary: Do not send this guy out to surrogate for you.

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