Sunday, November 4, 2007

If David Corr Wins, Will Motley Crew Play the Inaugural?

I leave town for two days, and look what happens. Today, the Telegraph endorsed libertarian, David Corr. Corr is running a write-in campaign against James Timley, who currently holds the citywide seat on Council. The election is Tuesday. Tell me if I'm wrong, but I think Corr made history today just by getting the paper's endorsement. In the twenty-two years I've lived in Macon, I think this is the first time the Telegraph has endorsed either a libertarian or a write-in candidate. On Tuesday, will Macon voters hand Corr another first? Will he become the first write-in candidate to be elected to Council? And, if he wins, will Motley Crew play the inaugural? Stranger things have happened.

If James Timley doesn't win this race, he will have no one but himself to blame. Unless he's done it over the last week, he has failed to do the two most basic things in politics: tell his supporters they need to go to the polls and vote for him. There nothing on the ballot to drive voters to the polls, so those who do go will be "motivated voters." It takes a motivated voter to go to the polls, click on "write-in" and type in a name. But, with the Road Warriors in his corner, who knows? Trust me, they define motivated. Reichert is a shoe-in for Mayor, and all other council seats are unopposed. And, in a strange twist that will benefit Corr, Timley will appear, on the ballot, to be unopposed. Lot's of folks don't bother to "vote" for candidates in races where they are "unopposed." There appears to be no need.

Personally, I'm not endorsing him in this race, but I like David. We're often on opposite sides of issues-like when I co-chaired the last ELOST campaign, and he was the voice of the opposition. But, he's always been nice, and we've always been civil. Besides, it's not divergent opinion that bothers me-it's people not giving a damn. He definitely does give a damn.

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Vic said...

David's more of a Ted Nugent junkie than Motley Crew. I took him on a "Journey to the Center" at First Friday, he enjoyed the ride.