Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Mike Huckabee is So Going to Win Iowa

I'm a watching the republican YouTube debate. (Yes, I do hate myself.) What I want to say is:

Mike Huckabee is SO going to win Iowa, and probably the whole shootin' match.

We need to focus on who on our team has the capacity to stand up to Mr. "I started at age 14 working and worked my way though college. Because I was able to get an education, I am standing on this stage, otherwise I might be picking lettuce..."

Somehow, Hillary Clinton's name does not jump to mind.


Vic said...

I know who Mike is going to pick as VP running mate and something i have autographed is going to increase in value because of it but the Republicans and Robertson's Religious right seem to like Pro-Choice, cross dressing, serial marryers more than Mike.

realsister said...

Why would any self-respecting woman vote for anyone other than Hillary? Do you realize how exciting it is that we have the opportunity to have a woman in the White House? And that this particular woman is completely qualified for the job and is by far the smartest candidate running? Let's work together to elect Hillary Clinton!