Saturday, November 10, 2007

The NYC-Macon Connection

So, do you think that Macon could be an interesting subject for a documentary film? Several weeks ago, Randy Stulberg called me. She said that she and her brother, Jeremy, independent filmmakers from New York City, had been reading about Macon-the community, the politics-and had come across this blog. She said they were researching ideas for their next documentary film, and were thinking of visiting Macon. We talked for a while, and, frankly, I didn't think I would hear from them again. But, I was wrong. Several days later, Randy called to say they'd booked their tickets and would be here for several days beginning on Nov. 4th. They came, stayed for several days and are headed back to NYC tomorrow.

So, since last Sunday, Randy and Jeremy have been hanging out in Macon, meeting people, talking, filming and doing a little research. They're headed back to NYC tomorrow, in time to see their last film begin showing at the Museum of Modern Art. Both Randy and Jeremy are NYU graduates, and they have already impressed critics with their first documentary, Off the Grid:Life on the Mesa. Off the Grid is one of five independent films nominated for a prestigious Gotham Award in the category of "Best Film Not Playing at a Theater Near You." The awards will be presented on Tuesday, Nov. 27th, and I'm pulling for Randy and Jeremy. Will they end up making a film about Macon? Who knows, but they are absolutely charming, talented and genuinely interested in our unique community. It's been a pleasure to have them in town. If you'd like to catch a glimpse of their work, click below to view the trailer for Off the Grid.


Don Thieme said...

Macon would definitely make a great backdrop for a dramatic movie or a subject in its own right. I look forward to hearing more about this project!

If Randy and Jeremy headed your way based upon your blog, then it seems like they must have some political theme in mind?

Amy Morton said...

It does get interesting around here. Well, of course, our soon-to-be former Mayor has made headlines all over the globe, including the NYT's. So, they probably found Macon and then found me-not the other way around. But, I don't know how you do anything about Macon without looking at the political structure. It will be interesting to see where this goes. Regardless, I have a feeling these two have quite a career in front of them. They are talented and insightful-a pleasure to know.

Vic said...

Amy, we gotta quit almost meeting like this. While you, Daryl, John O and Erick Estrada (not to be confused with Erick Erickson) were dining at Natalia's, Randy and Jeremy (STULBERG) were filming the Macon Community Organizing - Industrial Areas Foundation kickoff meeting.

We finally agree, Jeremy and Randy were delightfully engaging, charming and intensely focused until their battery pack ran out, which is when their sense of humor infected the non-sleepwalking, grassroots oriented Maconians present. With their giant boom microphone and state of the art camera, they moved around Cherokee Heights UMC like two acutely aware, hyper sensitive cats.

Our hair styles, black wardrobe, pen, paper and cameras almost matched and when I dropped all the R’s in my southen dawl, ou northeasten accents matched, so natually we gavitated to the same corne afte the meeting.

I invited them to enter the (which you and other Georgia bloggers need to start writing more about, as the entry deadline is six days away) and their eyes lit up like mine did when the Downtown Macon Oprah tickets arrived. (which is 7 days away)

More is revealed about the Stulberg’s captivating film work at:

If their funding comes through, hopefully R&J and a few other New York Film Crew members will become Macon residents for three years, while filming a documentary about our film-industry-ripe-community.

Everything is connected, as their previous, industry encounters with the Godfather of Georgia Films - Jake Jacobson, who is currently featured on Georgia Improper, will attest.

Cover of the Rolling Stone, here we come… But in the meantime, we’ll have to settle for Myspace:

Sunday is a good day to attest and atone for the Natalie’s & Club Sinsations sins of omission.

Lights, Camera, Action & Peace- but not to the point of apathy, ignorance and fear…

Amy Morton said...

Actually, they were at the MCO event while I was dealing with Strep throat. We were at Natalia's on Friday night. Not that the facts should get in the way of a good story.

Vic said...

Post this under our cyber twilight zone, fact is stranger than fiction file. After 2.5 weeks of the flu, i'm sittin here with strep throat. Therefore blogging must be contagious.

get well soon.