Monday, November 12, 2007

Oh, Good. That's Just Peachy.

The AJC points out today that the tax proposal everyone loves to hate may benefit at least one group: lobbyists. And, they're right. Everybody and their brother will be hiring lobbyists to try to make sure that their niche is protected. The problem is, the poor and middle class Georgians the Speaker wishes to shift the tax burden to-they don't have lobbyists. Yet another reason they can expect to get the shaft in this debate. The only people paid to be there to protect their interests will be legislators. Like I said....

Seriously, though, could this horrid tax plan be a red herring? I've thought for some time that there was such fierce opposition to this tax plan that it surely had no chance of success. Even the Governor and the Lt. Governor have signaled their opposition. And, the experts say the numbers just don't work. But, here's what the proposal could do. It could keep the focus of the legislative session on Richardson, something he might want if he's going to run for governor. Also, with all the lobbyists busy fighting the good fight on this issue, any number of peculiarly heinous pieces of legislation could slip by without the scrutiny they deserve. After all, there are only so many issues you can fight at once. And, if the proposal fails to get the votes needed to be on the ballot next November, then Glenn gets to campaign on "they wouldn't even let you vote on it...they didn't trust voters to decide." Just peachy.

Oh, by the way, who are the lobbyists going to hire to keep lobbyist services from being taxable? And, all those perks they give legislators, will they be able to keep the tickets and trips off the tax books?

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