Monday, November 12, 2007

So, Dale was in Macon Today

Flack, in his usual subtle manner, has already weighed in on Cardwell's message of the day. I went to Cardwell's press conference in Macon today. See the photographic evidence above. Here's the critique. I like his "fighting for the little guy" populist stance. I like the fact that he is only taking money from individual donors. I do not like that "fixing out broken border" is his #1 issue. It's just not what folks are talking about at the lunch counter in Macon. I do appreciate the fact that he was out working the state today, trying to get himself into the news cycle. It's tough when you're not the sitting senator and have little money. So, he gets points for being creative. But, no offense to Cardwell, we are in deep, deep trouble in this senate race. There has been no coalescing of Democratic dollars behind a candidate, and until that happens, we have no chance in this race. It is as if we are all just waiting for the right person to step up, and time is running out.


Vic said...

If strengthening our borders alarms you, i hope you are sitting down for this one:

Oprah is requiring a Photo I.D. to get into her taping at the Macon Auditorium. tows_prog_getticks_c.jhtml

Amy Morton said...

Well, you know, Vic, if she didn't require photo id's you or I might slip in, and then what would happen?

Vic said...

We would probably just ignore each other, like we did at the Medical School when i got certified by David Schnarch.

Sid Cottingham said...

"But, no offense to Cardwell, we are in deep, deep trouble in this senate race."

Deep is an optimistic adverb and trouble is an optimitic adjective. The reality is that it is over; done; decided.