Thursday, November 15, 2007

Where Are the Women's Voices?

Why is it that male voices dominate the political blogs? That's the question Catherine Morgan of Informed Voter is asking, and now, after cataloging more than 200 political blogs by women, she has launched The Political Voices of Women a site "dedicated to giving women political bloggers a voice." Today, she's linked Girl With Pen who asks why only three of the twenty "bloggingheads" debating politics at the New York Times online are women and why, at, exactly zero of the blogger on the homepage are women.

There are a few female political bloggers in Georgia-me, the women over at Blog for Democracy, Spacey Gracey, who else?


Grayson: Atlanta, GA said...

This is weird you wrote this as I was just wondering, while stuck in traffic, the same thing. What prompted the thought was that during a social media conference today, one presenter punched up a slide of her favorite PR industry bloggers. They were all white men. I wanted to raise my hand and ask if she liked any women bloggers. Then I realized that maybe there weren't any, least not ones she was aware of.

As usual, men seem to get the lion's share of attention as industry leaders, bloggers, you-name-it. It's a numbers thing mostly; there just aren't enough women doin' "it." Especially when the "it" becomes political blogging.

Yet it will be women who decide this upcoming election! Where are their voices? We sure need to be hearing them, don't we?

Please, any women who are interested in writing about Georgia poltics, please contact Peach Pundit, Blog For Democracy, or contact me at:
spacey gracey at bellsouth dot net.

Or better yet, start your own politically-minded blog! We need you out here in tne bubbasphere!!

Amy Morton said...

Seriously, step up, ladies. Make your voices heard. I did leave off Kristina at the Georgia Federation of Democrtic Women. She posts here, too. Who else?

Tina said...

The Georgia Federation of Democratic Women's GRAPEVINE blog is definitely a political blog even tho it more a bulletin board than an issues forum and our policy is not to take sides (among Democrats)before the primary. Our goal is to promote Democratic victories in Georgia and spread the word about the activities of Democratic women and Democratic candidates. We post a lot ofevent notices and messages sent by Democratic candidates. Our photos frequently get picked up by other Democratic bloggers.

Vic said...

My hair has gotten longer than the three of yours combined but in this wild west domain that doesn't necessarily mean anything.

I've been asking the same, "where are the babes of blogland" question for months.

ying/yang on ladies, you all do a pretty good job carrying the torch, build it, wear the right kind of shoes, tread lightly on the beards & suits and they will come...

Tina said...

There are a lot of women in Georgia who are politically active in ways other than blogging too.