Sunday, December 2, 2007

Buy Georgia for the Holidays

I'd been thinking about doing a "buy Georgia" post for the holidays, and tonight, twice, I heard this television commercial advertising "California Milk." No offense to the West Coasters in the room, but that seems a little far away to get your milk. I'd just as soon buy Georgia. When I was a child, milk came from Aunt Ellie's, and we stopped there and picked it up on the way home from school. It came from her cows-not California cows-and was packed in mason jars, pasteurized but not homogenized, and tasted nothing at all like that stuff you buy at the grocery these days, and I'd bet it was better for me. California milk-pshaw!

So, it seems like the right day for a Buy Georgia post.

Buying close to home is a win-win. We get to help Georgia's economy and enjoy great products. We have some great Georgia companies that offer good options for the holidays. The ones I'm about to list are some of my personal favorites, and they don't know I'm listing them. (As in, there are no advertising dollars involved here.)

Check these out, and send information about your favorite Georgia options for the holidays.

1. Sweetgrass Dairy: Fine, award winning, handcrafted cheeses from Thomasville, Georgia. You must try the Georgia Gouda. Gift boxes available.

2. River Street Sweets: Southern gourmet candy based in Savannah, Georgia. Those bear claws are wonderful! Gift boxes are available.

3. We're Nuts: Ellis Nuts in Vienna, Georgia is open 365 days a year. This is the place to get your pecans, peanuts and just about every other kind of nut!

4. White Oak Pastures: All natural, grass fed Georgia beef from Bluffton, Georgia. You can't order this, but you can buy it at Whole Foods and some Publix markets. Taste it one time, and you will not go back.

5. Crane Creek Vineyards: Excellent wines, from Young Harris, Georgia.

Those are just a few of my Georgia favorites. What about you?


Open+Transparent said...

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant post.

A website listing only Georgia companies and all of the possible holiday gifts they offer, could really be a boon to our homegrown companies.

The Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) should be all all over this. You really don't hear much about that dept. except when they're trying to get a big factory or corporate HQ here.

Something like this is real and tangible, and really could be something cool & special.

Nice one, Amy!

Amy Morton said...

That's a good idea-something the Georgia Chamber could do, too.

Vic said...

At $4.99 per gallon at Kmart, who can afford Milk these days?

Someobdy needs to chomp down on the eggheads that calculate the Consumer Price Index, which does not include Food or Energy.