Friday, December 28, 2007

Fred Thompson is a Bigot

Apparently, for Fred Thompson, the most important criteria for President is whether the candidate has a penis. I would argue that a brain is more important and that since Thompson has neither, he should get out of the race now before his fast-fading campaign becomes even more of an embarrassment to his Party.

Yesterday, in the context of his remarks about Bhutto's brutal assassination, no less, Thompson observed that no women in America is up to the job of being President. No, no, this was not a slip of the tongue: he has repeated this stunningly sexist opinion twice this week, and that indicates that he is tossing out red meat for his Party faithful. Earlier this month, when Thompson was asked to name his "favorite possession," he glibly replied, "trophy wife." And yet, he continues to poll in double digits among Republicans. Amazing, really.

I can promise you this: a Democratic candidate for President who thought that it was all in good fun to refer to his wife as a "possession" or a "trophy" or who announced that women are unqualified for the nation's highest office, would have zero chance of getting elected dog catcher much less getting the Party's nomination for President. Yet, I haven't heard any Republicans-even the women-banging on podiums to disavow Thompson's remarks, have you? And there in lies the problem for the Republican Party.

There are a long list of reasons I support John Edwards in the Democratic primary, but Hillary Clinton's gender is not one of them. She, along with a long list of other women in this country, are infinitely more qualified to be President than a backwoods bigot from Tennessee who is so out of touch with mainstream America that he doesn't realize-or doesn't care-that he just royally pissed off more than half of the electorate. Fred needs to have his limo driver take him around back so he can jump in his faux-red pickup truck and drive himself back to Tennessee. Perhaps he can pick up his good friend Scooter Libby along the way.


fredfan1 said...

Fred was specifically speaking about Hillary and that she is intelectually vacant and not compitant for the position of President. This is not directed towards all woman.MARKTAGSTER

Amy Morton said...

Wrong. Here's his quote:

"This year, it's a man, and next year, it's going to be a man," said the actor and former US senator from Tennessee. "I can see no one else who's qualified to be president of the United States."

And, who was he joking about when he referred to his "trophy wife?"

Tina said...

Fred Thompson playing the role of a presidential candidate falls into the category of a really bad casting error. Wrong man, wrong election, wrong century.

neillien said...

Don't forget the other 3.3 billion men that Fred thinks should not be president.

Also, speaking of Fred, you have this in quotes:
"Johnny I'm Coming, I'm Coming, I Swear I'm Coming Lately" savior of the GOP's casting call for a remake of "Grumpy Old Men."

You did not state who said it, though.
Whoever did is mean spirited and should base their presidential choice on ideas and not looks and age