Thursday, December 20, 2007

An Inside Look at the Edwards' Marriage

When I first read the horrid, vicious, lies about John Edwards, my reaction-even before I talked to the campaign-was have they ever met Elizabeth Edwards? Apparently, not.

Here's a great piece from Slate, with a look inside the Edwards' marriage, and an interesting perspective on "the house."


Tina said...

Sadly, it's probably only a matter of time until attacks in the form of carefully crafted "internet rumors" on various candidates start finding their way into in-boxes. The one about Obama being secretly a muslim radical is a good recent example. Cleverly put together... pure & simple propaganda composed by someone who knew just what they were doing. Another example is the supposed expose in the previous election about John Kerry owning multiple palatial residences all around the world. It included photos and convincing text and yet was a complete fabrication. I fear that whoever untimately wins the Democratic nomination will be subjected to plenty of email innuendo. And, unlike the National Enquirer smear on Edwards, tracking down the perpetrators will be nigh impossible. We should all be ready to hit REPLY ALL and respond with the word "baloney!" or perhaps a more pungent exclamation.

Kelly said...

Marriage is the coming together of two people to form a "whole." Not a "whole" together but to make each person "more" whole. Trust is the foundation of marriage. Any growth in marriage is born out of this foundation of trust. The foundation of the Edwards marriage has been severely cracked with the admission of his affair and subsequently "shattered" by the lies that are being revealed. Elizabeth Edwards is not marking time...she is living. She has a plethora of family, friends, admirers, and supporters, not to mention a healthy bank account, that will enrich whatever days she has remaining. Her marriage is irretrievably broken, and it pains me to think of her trying to build something when there's nothing there for it to rest on.