Monday, December 31, 2007

John Edwards Hits the Right Note

John Edwards isn't just surging in Iowa, he's on fire and connecting with the most important jury he has every faced: Iowa voters. His perfect-pitch message resonates with his growing, enthusiastic crowds. Edwards grew up in a small town like the ones so many Iowans call home, so his "closing argument" isn't textbook, it's authentic. So, while Clinton delivers her question-free "monologues" and Obama focuses on attacks, Edwards is moving crowds with the simple but powerful message: "It will fight for you."

In contrast with Obama who misjudged Iowa voters by thinking they would be swayed by mega-star Oprah Winfrey, Edwards will cap his 36 hour "fight to the finish" tour of the state with a concert by longtime friend and supporter John Mellencamp. Mellencamp's is not just another celebrity endorsement. He has taken risks by standing up for peace and addressing poverty. Mellencamp is an avid supporter of America's farmers. (There are a couple of farmers in Iowa, in case you didn't know.) His message connects well with Edwards' themes, and more importantly, with the concerns of Iowa voters. The free concert in Des Moines on Wednesday night is not at a glitzy location, and the tickets are being distributed at the local Steelworkers Union hall. Even these details of the Mellencamp event telegraph to Iowa voters that Edwards "gets them."

Outspent and without the media spotlight, if Edwards is able to win in Iowa, it will be nothing short of a miracle. Yet, as he continues to gain momentum, the Clinton campaign, that once thought of skipping Iowa, is telling all who will listen that she actually wants Edwards to win the state. In fact, a win for him is a win for her. Despite that twisted logic, she better be careful what she wishes for-she just might get it. Edwards has found his message and his voice, and, with the echo chamber that would be created by an Iowa win, "I will fight for you" will resonate in the rest of the country just as it has in Iowa.

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Tina said...

According to today's news, Edwards is looking good in Iowa.