Sunday, December 23, 2007

John Edwards Wins Straw Poll

At a recent meeting, the Muscogee County Democratic Party took an informal straw poll in the presidential race, and the winner was John Edwards. Why does that matter? According to the AJC, Muscogee County Democrats have an uncanny ability to pick winners. Here's what Frank Myers had to say about his support for Sen. Edwards:

Frank Myers, a Columbus attorney, said he's backing Edwards for a simple reason."Of the top-tier candidates, he has the best chance to win the general election," said Myers, 47. "Who is the Republicans' best candidate? It's Hillary Clinton." Those sentiments — the need to pick a candidate who can defeat the Republican nominee and that Clinton is too polarizing — were common at the social. "Hillary has great credentials," said Ross Marshall, 61, an advertising sales executive with Davis Broadcasting. "[But] she will energize the opposition like no one could." Marshall, too, is supporting Edwards.

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Tina said...

The Democratic Party is lucky to have so many good candidates! Each of the three currently leading Republican candidates seems to have at least one obvious wart-on-the-nose, i.e. something that might trouble certain elements of the Republ base.
Without going into a lot of details, it would not surprise me if McCain (who is relatively wart-free) starts gaining on them. Back to the Dems, it puzzles me that CNN, despite its newscasters saying repeatedly that the three top Dem candidates are statistically very close, nevertheless seems to focus on Clinton and Obama. I don't think it's down to a two-candidate race yet.