Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Macon City Councilwomen Lauren Benedict

Lots of folks who read this blog supported Lauren Benedict in her house race in 2006. You may not know that she was elected to Macon City Council this year, and those who supported her in the house race helped make it possible. She was sworn in Tuesday night. Congratulations, Lauren!

Here's photographic evidence:

Erick Erickson, Nancy White, Lauren Benedict

12/11/2007, Macon City Council


Vic said...

There is no evidence that Erick has been sworn in, check the big Peach for details.

Vic said...

If Lauren shows half the moxy of Gena Abraham and AJC Journalist Arial Heart, we might have some hope. But for now, she, like Mayor Reichert is too quiet about too much. Maybe it's their past GDOT affiliation? I think a lot of people are going to be begging to disassociate from GDOT after reading this.


Even Cousin Sonny is starting to work a 12 step recovery plan for politicians. 1st Step, openly admitting the problem exists but Larry Walker has a ways to go.

said Perdue. "But the first step toward doing better is acknowledgement of that."

Are we allowed to applaud for Republican Appointed and/or elected Women around here? Dr Gena Abraham and Jill Chambers are cleaning up State Government. They would probably appreciate a little encouragement from the Democratic Women.

If any of y'all can put an on off switch in a dirt devil jaguar upright model 085545, give me a call, they don't make vacuum cleaner engineers like they used to.

Vic said...

Oh, btw, Gena Abraham has done all of this in a week and the GDOT budget is like a gazillion dollars more than Macon's.

Considering all the incoming hoopla, pomp & circumstance, We're expecting no less from our new Mayor & Council.

Jay Bookman had this to say:


Tina said...

And I will simply say, "Congratulations, Lauren !
Your Houston County friends know that you will do a great job!

Amy Morton said...

I agree, Tina. Since the primary, Lauren has made the effort to attend as many committee and council meetings as possible and has "done her homework" getting up to speed on key issues. Many-though not all-of the incoming council members have done the same thing. I respect that level of effort, even before beginning to serve and their willingness to learn the issues.

Tina said...

As we used to say at the schoolhouse, success is largely based on "being where you're supposed to be at the time you're supposed to be there, doing what you're supposed to do." That recipe is not very dramatic, but it's real productive !

Vic said...

But if Lauren doesn't learn how to log onto a blog and let the lowly, meager masses know what is going on, pretty soon, we're going to have to dub her as Roberta Brown Junior and threaten to name a road after her or something to encourage her to let the people know about the people's business...

Politicians say a lot of stuff, so it's best to encourage them to put stuff in writing, lest they forget.

I might be bribed to change my opinion if Lauren can help me crack THIS DADGUM DIRT DEVIL VACUUM CASE, i got MAN'S work to do around the house and the clock is ticking, Cousin Sonny might be dropping by for Xmas and with his new Abraham conversion, he's welcome this year...

Open+Transparent said...

Went to Macon for the first time this week. Hard to believe. and sad.

No restaurant or hotel within walking distance of the Music and Sports Halls of Fame. Completely wasted non-usage of that beautiful train depot station. Beautiful downtown buildings a 1/4 mile away from the worst possible type of suburban hell planning on Riverside Dr.

Macon has so, so much potential, but man, it's not even close to what it should be. Have never sen a city anywhere in the world, and I'm a traveler, with more wasted potential. It could be right there with Savannah for historical redevelopment and tourist draws.
Hope the new elected officials can make some changes, because there are a ton of things needed to do.

I'm starting a Amy for Mayor campaign.

Amy Morton said...

You came to Macon and didn't call your friendly blogger-tour guide???Thanks for the vote for mayor, but easy there, Track. We just got a new mayor who has all intentions of addressing many of the issues you just listed. Hope is plentiful in Macon right now, and you are correct about the potential. We've spent eight long years hanging on by our toenails, waiting for the next thing our mayor was going to do or say. Now, we have a real chance for change.

If you had called me-it's not like I'm hard to find-I would've been glad to give you the Oprah Tour of Downtown Macon. If you were at the Music Hall of Fame, you were a easily within walking distance of several places to grab some great food, including our new Market City Cafe at the corner of Cherry and Third. Tell me that you found the River Walk, the Otis statue, the Tubman, The Hay House, The Cannon Ball House, the 1842 Inn, Rose Hill, Coleman Hill....

Open+Transparent said...

I figured there were probably some places close, but there was no signage, and with two litle kids and wife in tow...
The city needs help. Get a first class visitors & convetion director, who knows what he/she's doing, and let them go to work.
Stayed at the Ramada, which had a lot in common with the hotel from The Shining. I think there might have been 5 other guests there in that huge hotel, which smelled of water damage.

Hope the new mayor gets on it...could be a cool city!

Vic said...

Copy this link into your browser and download this guide from the Convention & Visitor's Burea. You'll eat so much Amy will have to roll you out of downtown on a rickshaw.