Wednesday, December 5, 2007

No Surprise

Part of the Speaker's tax plan will first be introduced in the senate. By targeting schools, Richardson has created and ally in Eric Johnson. We have our work cut out for us, but since this is a constitutional amendment, if senate democrats will hang together Richardson will not be able to get the numbers he needs to pass the bill. It's up to us.


Tina said...

There are Republs who don't like the Richardson tax plan either. Let's hope they don't cave in to his bullying.

Sid Cottingham said...

At this point I wouldn't read too much into Johnson's comments on the revised tax plan. I look at it more as a peace offering rather than an endorsement.

Don Thieme said...

I met our state senator, Tim Golden, here in Valdosta the other day. He impressed me a great deal, not only in terms of his political leanings but in terms of his pragmatism about defeating or at least crippling goons like Richardson and Perdue. The people of Georgia are very much at risk from these drastic attacks on local as well as state and federal government here.