Friday, December 7, 2007

Oh, Good Lord

I hear things. Yesterday I heard that Mayor Ellis is having a luncheon at the City Club on Monday-his last day as Mayor. Some of the leaders in the local business community are invited, including folks from New Town, the Chamber and others. The purpose? To make sure his initiatives continue after he leaves office.

Speaking of his initiatives, how much is it going to cost to take his name off all the city limits signs?


Vic said...

Yea but was Ellis on Fox National News like you were last night?

Good job debating the issues surrounding school vouchers with Eric Johnson!

Report said 4% of Georgia Special Needs kids eligible for the vouchers actually took them.

p.s. There are some North Macon Gang members that are getting good at painting road signs and buildings. As soon as we lock them up, maybe they can spend their work detail repainting the City limit signs.

Amy Morton said...

I didn't see the Fox piece and taped it weeks ago. You neer know which ten seconds they will use. I hope it was okay.