Thursday, December 27, 2007

Sad, Sad News

Just prior to her return to Pakistan, I remember watching a CNN interview with Benazir Bhutto. Then, in November, she wrote a foreboding commentary for CNN. I was struck by her intelligence, courage and resolve. She discussed her plans to return to Pakistan to challenge Musharraf and spoke candidly about the possibility that she could be assassinated or imprisoned. Now, this morning, this brave women has been assassinated, and twenty of her supporters were also killed when the shooter blew himself up. To her supporters, who stood outside the hospital chanting "Musharraf, dog, Musharraf, dog," there seems to be no doubt who is responsible. She did not have to return to Pakistan. She did not have to challenge the corrupt Musharraf. She did not have to take the risk, but she did. If politicians in the U.S. faced this sort of threat, I wonder how many would have the courage to continue?

This is so, so very sad.