Thursday, January 3, 2008

Caucus Day!

There was no hope of blogging live last night. The place was too packed. I couldn't move. If Edwards' crowds and the enthusiasm there is any sign, then he's going to have a very good caucus night. I think that some of the excitement I see here reflects the overall strength of the Democratic field. We're headed to Java Joe's to see Sen. and Mrs. Edwards live on Morning Cup of Joe. Then we'll go to the steelworker's union to hear from Sen. Edwards directly. More as the day goes on.


dtmercury said...

We appreciate your steadfast efforts in the frozen tundra. Hope today is a huge success! Was just wondering if J Cougar still performs "jack 'n diane" live.

Don Thieme said...

I did catch a webstream of this last night from "shellbinator." Elizabeth's introduction for John was particularly impressive.