Monday, January 14, 2008

Edwards in Atlanta, Redux

At this point in the campaign season, it's not unusual for candidates' schedules to be fluid. Such is the case with the Edwards campaign trip to Atlanta.There has been a scheduling change:

John Edwards is now going to be in Atlanta this Saturday, January the 19th at:

IBEW Local Union 613
501 Pulliam Street
Atlanta, GA 30312

2:30 PM

This event is open to the public. Ya'll come, now.


Vic said...

Please ask John to have a word with these Guys:

Georgia’s Health Care Insurance Axis of Evil:

1) Sen Ralph Hudgens
2) Rep Tom Knox
3) Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine:

1) Priced out of the Market?
2) Unable to purchase “Individual” Coverage during middle age or because you are female?
3) Can’t get coverage because of pre-existing conditions?

Georgia Senate Insurance and Labor Cmte
Phone: (404) 656-4700
Legislative Assistant: Leah Tatum Dick

Committee Members

Hudgens, Ralph T (R-SS 47) Chairman

Shafer, David (R-SS 48) Vice Chairman

Moody, Dan (R-SS 56) Secretary

Brown, Robert (D-SS 26) Member
Chapman, Jeff (R-SS 03) Member
Golden, Tim (D-SS 08) Member
Harbison, Ed (D-SS 15) Member
Murphy, Jack (R-SS 27) Ex-Officio
Pearson, Chip (R-SS 51) Ex-Officio
Ramsey, Sr., Ronald B. (D-SS 43) Member
Rogers, Chip (R-SS 21) Member

Georgia House Insurance Committee

Tom Knox

Howard Maxwell
Vice Chairman

John Meadows

Administrative Assistant: Marsha Barnes
Committee Aide: Craig Foster

Committee Members:
Steve Davis, Matt Dollar, Carl Epps
Ronald Forster, Rich Golick, Ben Harbin
Keith Heard, Bill Hembree, Doug Holt
Lester Jackson, Mike Jacobs, Jerry Keen
Jimmy Lord, David Lucas, Robert Mumford
Quincy Murphy, Carl Rogers, Ron Sailor
Richard Smith, Stan Watson, Joe Wilkinson

Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine

Vic said...

Welcome to Georgia John Edwards. The Georgia Press Corp has been so focused on Glenn Richardson's GREAT tax cut for the rich plan that they've left out a few details. We're here to fill the gaps. Enjoy your stay but you'd be well advised not to become a citizen of Georgia unless your networth is over a million or so.

And who sets the Ethics tone in Georgia?

Senator Eric Johnson
Georgia Senate President Pro Tempore

Committee Membership
-Joint Legislative Ethics - Chairman
Natural Resources and the Environment - Ex-Officio
Regulated Industries and Utilities - Vice Chairman

EJ Quote:"We want to solve problems with traffic, water, and health care."

Yea, right.

Only a small fraction of 2007 donors gleaned from:

AFLAC: $2,000
AIG Centennial Insurance Company $500
Aetna $1,000
American Insurance Assoc PAC $2,000
Humana $500
Marsh Insurance $1,000
Glass Compton & Stevens $250
HRH of Savannah $700
Geico $1,000
Independent Insurance Agents of GA, $2,000
State Farm Agents PAC $2,000

And just for fun:

TitleMax Management $3,000 (3 separate entries)
Anheuser-Busch Cos., Inc.$1,000
Philip Morris USA, Inc. $1,500

-Highway Contractors, Engineering Firm & Utility Company reports later…

Vic said...

Georgia needs a law preventing Legislators from taking campaign contributions from Companies that their Committee has to pass Legislation on.

Senator Ralph Hudgens: Chair Georgia Senate Insurance & Labor Cmte

2007 Contributions

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia $1,000

Humana $1,000

American Life Insurance Company $1,000

CNA $750

CNL $500

Life of the South $500

Met Life $500

Geico $1,000

AFLAC $2,000

Allstate $1,000

Independent Insurance Agents PAC $500

Prudential $200

Medco $1,000

Property Casualty Insurers PAC $500

American Insurance Association PAC $750

American Council of Life Insurers PAC $750

Bankers Fidelity $500

MAG Mutual Ins Co $2,000

Professional Insurance Agents of Georgia $1,000

Tom, you're next and then cousin John...

Thanks for the bandwidth Sis, it's for a good cause!

Open+Transparent said...

Wow, great posts from VictoratGaImproper...nice work.

Vic said...

Rep Tom Knox (Chairman Insurance Cmte, Georgia House of Represenatitives)

2007 Campaign Contributions from Insurance Companies

American International Companies $1,000

Southern Trust Corporation $500

American Insurance Association $500

Southern Mutual Insurance Co $250

Mercury Insurance Co $500

CNA Insurance $750

Life of the South $500

American Insurance Association $500

MAG Mutual $1,000

Allstate $1,000

American Council of Life Insurers $750

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co $1,000

Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Co $500

GAHU Ga Association of Health
Underwriters $1,000

Independent Insurance Agents of Ga $1,000

Professional Insurance Agents of Georgia $300

Thanks Track, stay tuned, Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine up later this week. And next week, the Executive Compensation & Stock Option Packages of Health Care Insurance Companies...

Vic said...

Saturday 1/19/08
John Edwards, welcome to Georgia!

Please take a moment to meet our Insurance Commissioner, John Oxendine.

2007 Campaign Contributions to Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine: Total: $ $650,537.00

July 1, 2007 thru December 31, 2007
Contributions: $ 443,237.00

January 1, 2007 thru June 30, 2007
Contributions: $ 207,300.00

Vic said...

It's time to rein in the unregulated power of the Georgia Insurance Commissioner's Office.

The Office is more than adequately compensated by taxpayer dollars.

Welcome to the Red State.