Friday, January 25, 2008

Edwards in Middle Georgia: The Scoop

As I posted last night, Sen. John Edwards will be in Dublin on Sunday. At one o'clock, Sen. Edwards will speak at the downtown Farmer's Market in Dublin. He will be joined by his many Middle Georgia supporters, including the Democratic leaders of the Georgia House and Senate, Rep. Dubose Porter of Dublin and Sen. Robert Brown of Macon. The event is open to the public.

We are very excited that Sen. Edwards is returning to Middle Georgia, but no one should be surprised. Since the very beginning of this campaign, both he and Elizabeth have prioritized rural America, both in terms of policy and presence. Until very recently, with the exception of Sen. Edwards, if any of the Presidential candidates has been asked to draw a map of Georgia, there was a better than even chance that I-20 would've been the southern-most boundary. That's never been the perspective of the Edwards' campaign. Over the course of the last year, the Edwards' have visited Macon several times. They have been to our homes and our universities. Together, he and Elizabeth have spent more time outside metro-Atlanta than all of the other candidates combined, and to date, he is the only Democratic candidate to visit outside metro-Atlanta. (I understand that Obama will be here for the first time on Sunday, but the event is closed to the public: press and parishioners only.)

By the way, Georgians claim John Edwards as a favorite son. Edwards was raised in small towns in South Carolina, Georgia and North Carolina. As a child, Edwards lived in Thompson, Georgia. He "gets" the needs of rural America because he lived it. This is where his heart is. He is one of us, sharing both our experiences and our values. We're glad he's coming home to us on Sunday.

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