Saturday, January 19, 2008

Edwards Rocks Atlanta

Despite the snow, anenthuiastic crowd of about 450 people packed the IBEW union hall to hear from Sen. John Edwards.

Edwards was introduced by Gov. Roy Barnes who emphasized that in order to make change, you actually have to get elected and said, "I'm tired of having Democrats on the ballot I have to apologize for." Edwards, he said is the candidate who can compete and win in the South. "It is time," said Barnes, "to elect a president who talks like we do."

Senator Edwards carried the message of hope for the Middle Class. He said, "One candidate thinks we need a CEO for president. The other thinks we need a great speech writer. I think we need a fighter-someone who will fight for you. I will be that president."

The crowd was enthuiastic, and some are still here.


Tina said...

On CNN today there was a discussion about Edwards' persistence & one analyst expressed the opinion that Edwards may end up being the "king-maker" in the end.

kreedham said...

I was at the rally today and am convinced John Edwards is the best candidate to defeat the R's. Hillary is just so negative that she will encourage turnout against her and sadly to say too many Americans won't vote for him because of his color though the R's will just push the experience button.

I'm for an Edwards-Richardson ticket but I'll certainly take an Edwards-Obama one.

Please go the the State Democratic Party website. There should still be a place where you can e-mail the candidates to come to the JJ democratic dinner on 1/30. Encourage John to be here. Hillary has already committed.

Vic said...

who can afford the jj dinner?

Vic said...

Jane just announced John Edwards will be at the JJ Dinner. So that answers my question.

kreedham said...


I can't afford to go to the Jefferson Jackson Day Dinner...that's why I volunteered to help. Don't know if they need additional help but you could try. Go to the Georgia Democratic Party website for info.

kreedham said...

Yesterday I went to a volunteers orientation for the JJ dinner. They said tickets for the Peach Speech ($25) would go on sale today. That, or course, would not include the "pricey" dinner. John Edwards and Hillary have committed. They said Obama was still trying to work our his schedule.