Friday, January 18, 2008

John Edwards. Atlanta. Be There.

John Edwards is headed our way tomorrow, and he just might be bringing a little Iowa weather along with him. Never fear-a little weather never stopped Georgia Democrats! Here's the scoop:

Elizabeth Kanning invites all of you to join with other Edwards supporters at the IBEW building in Atlanta at 11 AM for a "giant poster-making party." Sounds like lots of fun! Then, stick around for the "main event" where you will first hear from a few of our Democratic leaders, and then, at 2:30 pm, from Sen. John Edwards.

It is the place to be in Atlanta tomorrow! See you at IBEW, 501 Pulliam Street, SW in Atlanta.

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Vic said...

John Edwards, welcome to Georgia!

Your special interest Health Care message is on target!

Please take a moment to meet our Insurance Commissioner, John Oxendine.

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