Sunday, January 27, 2008

John Edwards: Live From Dublin

John Edwards came directly from South Carolina to Dublin, Georgia where several hundred people are gathered at the Farmers Market. The crowd is unexpectedly large-the parking lot is full and the crowd is spilling from the Market out onto the lawn, enjoying the warm Georgia sunshine.

Edwards is escorted today by the Democratic leader of the Georgia house, Dubose Porter and the Democratic leader of the Georgia senate, Robert Brown. Both Brown and Porter have endorsed Sen. Edwards.

After the prayer, Porter introduced Jackie Curtis who is now singing, "Georgia on My Mind." Frankly, I can't imagine an event more thoroughly Georgian. Porter said that there is no candidate who understands Georgia better than John Edwards.

Now, Senator Brown is introducing Edwards. "John Edwards was one of the first to come forward with a program for rural America," said Brown. "I like the fact that John Edwards is not a quitter.....I like the fact that we have a presidential candidate who knows 'ya'll' is not a foreign language and that grits is groceries," said Brown. And, with that Edwards took the stage.

"I'm not about tearing any politician down-I'm about building you up. Nobody has to give me a briefing for me to understand what's happening here-I've lived it. Georgia is not a place I fly over between NYC and Miami."

"We need to bring down health care cost. Health care should not be a privilege for the privileged-it ought to be a right for every American."

Now, he's talking about protecting the 2nd Amendment, that he gets it.

"What about our schools? We've got that mess called "No child left behind. I can tell you this no child has ever learned anything by filling in one of those bubbles on a standardized test."

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