Monday, January 14, 2008

New Poll: Think the Race is Over? Think Again.

Don't gamble on this becoming a three-way race any time soon. A new poll shows Clinton, Obama and Edwards are locked in a statistical tie in Nevada.

Barack Obama: 32 percent
Hillary Clinton: 30 percent
John Edwards: 27 percent

Margin of Error: 4.5%


Open+Transparent said...

Maybe this will help John:

Debt relief for rich Americans

Congress cut the tax penalties homeowners could face from renegotiated mortgages or foreclosures, but the wealthy will benefit the most.

Just before Christmas, Congress and President Bush handed a $1.15 billion gift to the American public. And most of that gift will go to the wealthy.

Tina said...

It's a long way from over !

Nick said...

Its a long way from over for Clinton and Obama.