Wednesday, January 2, 2008

On the (Frozen) Ground in Iowa

Daryl and I are traveling up Highway 92 between Indianola and Martinsdale, Iowa, headed out to knock on doors to encourage Edwards supporters to caucus tomorrow night. Snow covers the ground-even the geese were sitting in it-and it is very cold. The bank clock said 11 degrees. But, the race is very tight, and every vote is important, so out we go. We left Lauren Benedict back in Indianola, where she will canvass. (Did I mention that she's from Florida and not used to the cold?) Chuck and Melanie Byrd headed out to a rural community. Steve Leeds is here, too.

We got here just in time last night to catch Edwards' press avail at the Steelworkers Union in Des Moines. He and Elizabeth were both on hand and on message. He is finishing very strong here, and I predict a tight race.

The eyes of the world are on Iowa. It is definitely the political "place to be.". Daryl stepped off the elevator this morning and-literally-ran into a blue jean clad Bill Clinton. Our hotel is journalist central. The entire FOX News crew is there. The talking heads seem to think Obama's numbers are inflated. We shall see.

We're spending the day canvassing and then will go to the Mellencamp concert in Des Moines this evening. I hear that the free tickets for that event are going very, very fast.

More later-and pictures and video.

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Wow, how exciting !