Saturday, January 12, 2008

Scores of Georgians Join Edwards' Fight for South Carolina Votes

Don't count John Edwards out just yet. This morning, scores of Georgians, including former Lt. Gov. Mark Taylor, Chuck Byrd, Julie Simon and Steve Leeds, rose early and traveled to Greenville, South Carolina to knock on doors for John Edwards. Some supporters met at the capitol in Atlanta to caravan together, while others from Middle and South Georgia traveled directly to Greenville. This time yesterday, we were expecting about ten Georgians to make this trip, but at eleven o'clock today, Chuck Byrd called to report that more than thirty Georgia volunteers had already arrived and more were on the way. The canvassing trip today is a part of the ongoing efforts of Georgians on behalf of Sen. Edwards. Those efforts include hosting events with Sen. and Mrs. Edwards, recruiting volunteers and fundraising.

You might wonder why, at this stage of the race, these Georgians would get up at dawn-thirty on a Saturday morning to travel to South Carolina. The answer is simple: despite the media's continued efforts to pronounce the Edwards campaign dead, we believe that voters deserve a choice and that John Edwards offers Democrats the best opportunity to win in November. Those of us from Middle and South Georgia also recognize that Edwards is the only candidate of either party who has paid two wits of attention to rural Georgia. Word has it that the rest, when asked to draw a map of Georgia, used I-20 as the southern-most boundary.

Go get those V2's guys! And send pictures to post here.

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