Thursday, January 24, 2008

Tidbits and Telephones

From the ground in SC, my SC sister says:

* She got a robocall yesterday from someone who said that he was a former FBI agent who then spent about three minutes detailing all the things the Clintons had ever done wrong. She said, "I don't usually listen to those things, but the FBI agent calling caught my attention." I asked, and she said there was no id on the call about who paid for it or approved it. She didn't care for the mudslinging, but I guess the point here is that she listened to all of a long call by robocall standards. ("Robocall standards." Is that an oxymoron?)

* That SC dems are "not happy" that Clinton seems to have "abandoned" the state. She thinks the early exit will hurt her on Saturday. How much? Who knows.

* She also says that she has a number of African-American friends who once were leaning toward Clinton who are now supporting Obama in the wake of the recent exchanges between the campaigns.

* She says that the Clinton campaign is running a radio ad there that provides a partial quote about what Obama said about Republicans being the party of ideas for the last fifteen years, and then lists programs that Obama has never supported or approved of. She finds it misleading.

* She says the item about Obama "pressing the wrong button" when voting in Illinois is getting some traction there. No surprise-buttons, President-there's an easy just under the surface connect to the previous allegations about lack of foreign policy experience.

And in Georgia:

* A Democratic friend who supports Edwards got a call yesterday asking for support the Clinton. When the friend declined, the caller asked if the friend was still a democrat. Probably an ID call, but also probably not quite the best phrasing. Friend was offended.

* Good for Baker for investigating the Lewis robocall. Speaking of a Roverian strategy-a republican consulting firm doing a call slamming Lewis for supporting Clinton. He hit, Lewis, Clinton and Obama (because some could've thought the call came from him) all at the same time.

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Tina said...

It's ugly and it's gonna get uglier probably. In 2004 much of the anonymous internet stuff looked and read as if it had been "professionally" crafted to hit certain audiences with certain prejudices. Remember the Batman and Robin picture with the heads of Kerry and Edwards "grafted on."
I have already received and refuted the "Obama/secret muslim" email three times. We will probably see a lot of innuendos directed at Hillary Clinton in the coming months. John McCain is already the subject of a vile (I think) attack on his military service when he actually served honorably and was a P.O.W. too. As a Democrat I will defend him if I receive any trash email about him. Rumors and falsehoods have abounded during political campaigns throughout American history. The problem is that now there are so many more avenues of communication than there were in the past. And communication is so much faster. Another problem is that a lot of people are still so durn gullible about what arrives in their email inboxes, much of which has a false aura of "research."