Friday, February 15, 2008

174 Ways to Leave Your Lover

If you're in love with the mess the Georgia GOP is making, that is. Speaker Richardson's wants 174 brand new taxes, imposing a tax on virtually every service. As a small business owner, I can tell you that if this passes, not only will consumers pay the tax, but businesses will also incur a new layer of administrative costs associated with collecting, reporting and transmitting this money to the state. Guess who will end up covering that cost? You, that's who. And, if you have a service sector business, and you have a choice about locating in say, Georgia or Alabama, why would you choose to come to Georgia?

Of course, since we're experimenting, we want to choose schools as the first subject. What else is new? We need stable, adequate funding for our schools, and local communities shouldn't have to rely on a politician elected by a few thousand voters in some far away district to determine how much money is needed for our local schools.

And the state will have to develop a whole new enforcement department to make sure your lawn guy is collecting sales tax from you and then sending it to the state.

So, let's summarize: more taxes, more government, less stable funding, higher consumer cost, not business friendly.

Doesn't seem very conservative to me.

Here's my prediction. If this passes, it will be the demise of the Georgia GOP. They will be out of power within two cycles.


Tina said...

Did you notice how many of the taxes would be on construction ?
Think how much would be added to the cost of building.
Also the tax on veterinary services might not hurt us single pet owners too much, but what about the owners of livestock ?

Tina said...

Hey I wonder what happens if you live in Columbus and hire someone from Phoenix City to come over and pour some concrete for your driveway? Does the Alabama business have to send taxes to Atlanta? Hmmmmm. And if they don't, then what happens? Hard to enforce....