Monday, February 25, 2008

Clinton Has Crossed the Line

Sen. Hillary Clinton's campaign has crossed the line. Over the weekend Clinton moved from anger to sarcasm, and then today, her campaign is apparently behind the circulation of a photograph of Obama in traditional Somali dress. (They have issued a carefully worded non-denial.) The implication is crystal clear-this is a simple segue to the fake email asserting that Obama has Muslim ties that was circulated by soon-to-be ex-Clinton staffers in Iowa. I wonder who's going to take the fall for these tactics this time? I vote for Mark Penn. At least when she was angry she was addressing an issue. This specious personal, ethnocentric attack is beneath her. I guess when you plan to behave like Rove, you begin by accusing the other candidate of behaving like Rove. Enough already. Did her team learn nothing in SC?


Jen said...

WTF? The answer is no, they haven't learned any lessons from South Carolina.

Amy Morton said...


Not anyone said...


Eloquently said.

They are done, hopefully. What a scourge on the party the Clintons have become.

Snowfox said...

If you are going to bash the Clinton campaign, learn how to spell or use spell check to be taken seriously.