Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Don't They Get Cable TV in Wisconsin?

Because, based on my last count, Democratic presidential candidates have debated 18 times during this contest, and there is yet another debate scheduled for Texas. Nonetheless, Hillary Clinton has apparently gone up on air with a negative ad in Wisconsin, smacking Obama for declining to participate in yet another debate there. These are national debates. It's not like the policy positions shift depending on the state. Well, not much anyway, and I'm pretty sure they get cable in Wisconsin.

This is a classic campaign strategy, but usually reserved for a candidate who has ground to make up. Challenge your opponent to debate, and if they decline, turn it into a negative ad. Only, here, when there have already been 18 debates, it's a little hard to swallow. Clinton may well end up as the nominee, but right now, on the heels of eight straight losses, the resignation of her campaign manager and her deputy campaign manager and the reports of financial woes (woes that won't be helped by last night's results), going up on air with this negative ad just makes her look weak.


Joe Windish said...

I'm guessing the Republicans will come up with something far more negative to throw Obama's way in the general. As you say, it's classic. I assume he's tough enough to take it. And you're right, front-runners see no advantage in debating. Of course, Hillary did debate even when she was way out in front. What is your take on that?

And on the merits, I have to disagree with you Amy. Weak for calling for more discussion of issues? Weak for saying they should do it in the state that will be voting? Why? You wanted the candidates to spend more time here in Georgia. I think your agenda's showing.

Obama should have turned it around and set the format to whatever he wants. I'd like to see Hillary and Obama go in depth on the issues in any venue they can find. I thought the back-to-back 60 Minutes pieces last Sunday, for example, showed something good -- and to Hillary's advantage from my perspective.

Tina said...

She is within her rights asking for a debate and he is within his rights saying he doesn't want to.
She runs her campaign. He runs his.

Betty Phillips said...

With the media so pro Obama, I hope Hillary will continue to use all ethical political tactics to regain her lead. I'm 80 years old and there is a good chance I won't live to see another woman this close to the presidency. I have admired Hillary's work with women and children for so many years now and I'm always in awe of her resilence to get back up when life's challenges go against her. Go, Hillary. Obama really scares me. Betty