Sunday, February 3, 2008

For My "Edwards" Friends

We vote Tuesday, and for us Edwards folks, it's time to move on, and I have. I've endorsed Barack Obama and will be voting for him on Tuesday. But, sometimes moving forward means doing some reflecting, and I've done that today. Volunteering for the Edwards campaign over the last year, I met some incredible people who worked shoulder to shoulder with me. Many are just genuinely fine folks who joined the short list of people in my life I can always count on to do what they say. John and Elizabeth were in Georgia numerous times, and some of us traveled to Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina to help out. I always seemed to have a camera in my hand and took hundreds of photographs. One of the most memorable moments in the campaign was when John Mellencamp played at the Des Moines Edwards rally on the night before the Iowa caucuses. Despite the cold, more than 3,000 people packed a dance hall in East Des Moines. I'll never forget those three thousand mostly working class folks singing with Mellencamp, "This is Our Country." I kept thinking, "if it's not, it ought to be, and that's why I'm here." So, here's my tribute to all those who worked so hard on this campaign. Some never stopped working after the 2004 race. Appropriately, set to Mellencamp, here's my thank you to all of you.


Tina said...

Great guy, great values! By no means have we heard the last of John Edwards on the national scene.
A Democratic victory may put him into the Cabinet as the Democratic tide sweeps into Washington.

Nick said...

Good Choice!

Jodi C said...


That was great! Made me cry. The third from the last picture were of my cousins Fred & Lisa :)

John Edwards has not left this race. Just now on CNN they said his and Al Gore's super delegate votes were the most important ones at stake and he most certainly will have a role in the next administration. A Democratic Administration Thank God.

Personally I think he needs to be Attorney General.......go after 'em Mr. Edwards......go after 'em!