Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hoe Lee Cow

I just watched Obama's speech in what appeared to be a packed arena in Wisconsin, and then I watched McCain's speech in what appeared to be a hotel ballroom. As someone else said, if you have a choice, don't ever follow Barack Obama. It was like a rock concert vs. CSPAN. Obama even sent a tingle up Chris Matthew's leg, or so he said.

Most thought Obama would win tonight's contests, but I don't think anyone predicted the margin of these victories and the degree to which Obama would cut into Clintons base. He won Latino voters. He won rich, poor and middle class. He won men. He won women. He won young and old, black and white. Wow. Just wow.

I got an email from Clinton's Georgia staff today, and it said this about Sen. Obama: "Senator Obama? No he can't." The problem for Sen. Clinton is that Obama has never argued that "he" can. He has repeatedly made the case that "we" can, and it the power of "we" that has inspired. It is his ability to convince people that, together, we can do this that fuels his momenteum.

You have to love a primary night that has analysists saying things like, "Republican turnout is way down again." And, "Obama could make states like Virgina competitive in November."

Virginia has voted Republican since Kennedy.


MTHEORY said...

"Virginia has voted Republican since Kennedy."

In Presidential races, you're right (since 1952, actually, with a single exception) but Jim Webb, Mark Warner and Tim Kaine may beg to differ.

Sure it's a small point, but the shift you're seeing has been underway for a while.

Amy Morton said...

You're correct, of course, and I should've clarified that I was referring to presidential elections. What has happened in Virgina and other states on the state and local level gives us hope in Georgia! Thanks

Amy Morton said...

Virginia- excuse the typo.

Not anyone said...

Wait, you mean Hillary will say anything to get elected? She will just kind of make stuff up?

I wonder why she has that whole "trust" thing to overcome.

Don Thieme said...

The Obama campaign resonates with Southern voters, and he is also winning hands down in the Midwest and Northwest. It is only population centers in the Northeast and California that are still holding out.