Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I've Been in Obama-Land!

There's the proof, a view of Navy Pier from my hotel room. I've been in Chicago, otherwise known as Obama-Land. The headline there this morning was simply a half page photo of Obama with the caption, "The Big Cheese." No kidding. He had quite the night last night, threading victory after victory like perfect pearls.
If you had actually gotten to read any of the posts I sent through mobile posting, you would know how impressed I am with the Obama campaign. Since none of those posts actually made it to the blog, let me just say that I expected to be impressed, but I was blown away by the smart, efficient, effective organization that has propelled Barack Obama to "frontrunner" status. Like an exquisite ballet, what appears to be an effortless, charismatic movement is actually the product of hard, effective, well-integrated work by smart, highly-skilled people.
If Obama is the nominee, John McCain is not going to know what hit him.


Rusty said...

Chicago is such a great city. Amber and I went this past summer for Blogher, which was held at Navy Pier. I have a bunch of photos here.

Amy Morton said...

Thanks, Rusty. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, and all my photos are with my cellphone!! Not the best quality, but I love the city.