Friday, February 8, 2008

Mellencamp to McCain: Stop Using My Songs

Rolling Stone reports that John McCain has been channeling the other John: John Edwards. Recently, John McCain has been using John Mellencamp's songs, "Our County" and "Pink Houses" at his rallies. Mellencamp has asked him to stop, noting that he (Mellencamp) is a liberal who supported John Edwards. "Why," Mellencamp asked, "would you want to be associated with me?" Mellencamp toured Iowa and New Hampshire for John Edwards, and toward the end of the campaign, when Edwards took the stage, "Our County" was blaring from the speakers. You have to wonder whether anyone on McCain's staff bothered to check the lyrics of either of these songs. In fact, in Des Moines, at the rally on the night before the caucus, as Mellencamp started to play "Pink Houses" he told the crowd that he "caught a lot of shit" when he initially released Pink Houses. I'm wondering how McCain feels about these lyrics:

Well there's people and more people, What do they know know know, Go to work in some high rise, And vacation down at the gulf of mexico, Ohhh yeah And there's winners, and there's losers, But they aint no big deal, cuz the simple man baby pays for the thrills,The bills and the pills that kill

No wonder those Republicans were booing him yesterday. Or, maybe McCain knows the secret to success - Romney said he'd never live in a pink house, and look what happened to his campaign, fifty million dollar 'loan' not withstanding.

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