Friday, February 29, 2008

Nominate Your Favorite Female Blogger

H/T to Catherine Morgan for letting us know about Women's Voices, Women Vote effort to recognize women who are using the Internet to make their voices heard. In response to observations that there are fewer political blogs by women, Catherine began a list of political blogs by women. She initially identified just over 100 political blogs by women, but that list has now grown to 337! Now, you can nominate your favorite blog by a women for special recognition at Women's Voices, Women Vote.

This is great timing. March is Women's History Month, and tomorrow, I get to speak to the Georgia Federation of Democratic Women about political blogging. I hope more women will decide to make their voices heard!


Open+Transparent said...

I nominate Amy but only if she runs for public office someday.

Amy Morton said...


Not anyone said...

want to make sure you saw this: