Monday, February 11, 2008

Richardson Skirts Barnes Appointee

When Georgia Democrats handed over control of the capitol, they also passed along the keys to the backrooms, rooms Speaker Richardson adeptly uses to his own personal advantage. In Glenn Richardson's world, there are rules for him, and then there are rules for everybody else, a philosophy evident in how his recent divorce was handled. Even for an uncontested divorce, normal, everyday Georgians have to file and wait 30 days for the divorce to be final. If they have minor children, they have to attend a parenting class.

And they don't get to hand-pick their judge, in this case Richardson's former business partner, Judge James Osborne, a Perdue appointee. By the way, had the Richardson used the front door rather than the back door of the court house, his divorce hearing would have been in front of Judge Tommy Beavers, a Barnes appointee.


Chris said...

In the story about Richardson the AJC wrote this morning, "In the order, (Judge) Osborne said potential harm to the Richardsons and their three children "outweighs any public interest" to inspect the documents."

I have some conservative advice for Speaker Richardson. If he does not want his children embarrassed or "harmed" because of his actions he simply should not do them. I feel sure that is the advice Richardson would give others.

Richardson is my House member and I live in Paulding County. As a voter and taxpayer in the County I have a right to know how our courts are being used or in this case abused. I am considering filing a complaint against Judge Osborne with the Judicial Standards Commission because his actions were to help a close friend, political ally and former law partner. He had no business hearing this case much less stealing it from another Judge to give special justice to a friend and former law partner.

Amy Morton said...

Why Judge Osborne would put himself in the middle of this situation is an excellent question. He had to anticipate scrutiny.

Lindaw said...

I am a life-long resident of Paulding County and a strong supporter of Glenn Richardson. There are certain circumstances where divorces can be granted immediately foregoing the 30 day waiting period in Georgia. With Judge Osborne knowing the couple, family and circumstances as he did and knowing him the way I do - I am sure he used good judgement and this was the best thing for all as he described in his filing to seal the records. Richardson is a very public figure and obviously in these politically charged times, he has many who would like to drag this through the mud. In light of that, I feel this was the proper call. Leave them alone - divorce in a family is bad enough without others trying to make more of it than it is.

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