Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Sweet News for Georgia Democrats

Is it possible that yesterday in Georgia, the "reddest of red" states, more people voted in the Democratic Primary than in the Republican contest? It looks like that's exactly what happened. Yesterday, in Georgia, according to the Secretary of State, with 94% of precincts reporting, 1,020,455 people voted in the the Democratic contest and 946,207 people voted in the the Republican primary. Unless there's a big block of uncounted votes out there, Georgia is looking more "purple" than usual.

Have a million+ people ever voted in a Democratic primary in Georgia? (Really, I am seriously asking that question. Has this ever happened before, in a primary, even when Democrats were in power?) And, don't start saying that we turned out more voters in the 2004 primary, too. This time, there was a hotly contested race on the Republican side. If I were a Republican "operative," I would be really, really worried about implications for the general, especially for state and local offices.


Don Thieme said...

Great news, and I think that shows that we might very well all turn out again for the election in November. I was surprised that Obama won so handily. Apparently the Clintons said that they had not even tried at this primary, although I know that Bill was here several times and campaigning very actively.

Nick said...

This will change if Hillary is the nominee.