Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another Georgia Super Delegate Endorses Obama

Today, Mary Long, DNC Representative and Super Delegate from Georgia, announced her endorsement of Sen. Barack Obama:

“This year, Democrats are graced with the opportunity to choose among excellent candidates for our nation’s highest office. After careful thought, it is my honor today to endorse Sen. Barack Obama who day by day and state by state is challenging politics as usual and engaging so many new, diverse, Democratic voters-voters who will propel Sen. Obama to victory in November and help elect great Democrats at the state and local level. As a delegate in August, I choose to be on the side of Georgians and on the side of history as I cast my vote for Barack Obama.” Mary Long


Nick said...

Good News

Tina said...

There has been a lot of talk among the pundits as to whether the continued rivalry for the Democratic nomination harms or hurts the chances of Democratic victory. On the positive side, both candidates are very popular and the ongoing attention being paid to them keeps these two outstanding Democrats in the news, while McCain isn't news any more.
Further, the fact that there are still two viable Democratic candidates means that McCain doesn't have a specific candidate at which to aim his attacks. Maybe he can alternate between the two, with Clinton as "the enemy" in one speech and Obama as "the enemy" in the next speech. Such an interesting campaign...and history in the making !

Open+Transparent said...

The whole super delegate concept is a bunch of sh!@.

It's literally "undemocratic".

Amy Morton said...

I agree with you, Track. Whoever emerges as the nominee needs to have to party united behind them, and for that to happen, I think that there must be the sense that the process is open and fair. Right now, with the role of Supers and the Florida/Michigan situation, we have a challenge in that regard.