Thursday, March 13, 2008

But, Erick, the Way is Narrow that Leads to Life

I'm not sure what Erick's problem is with taking the necessary steps to make Macon a designated "City of Ethics." This was one of Robert Reichert's most popular campaign promises. On the heels of an administration that failed to inspire public confidence, this was a breath of fresh air. Is there really someone out there who doesn't want elected officials and, in this instance, city employees to be highly accountable to the public? Yet, Erickson says that The Road to Hell is Paved With Ethics Resolutions. He goes on to say that he, as a political consultant often encourages third parties who are supporting a candidate to file ethics complaints "at the mere hint of any impropriety." Okay, well, we'll be looking for that...but seriously, how can Council NOT pass this legislation?

But, hey, if a local ethics board makes you uncomfortable, roll the dice. I'm betting a vote against this writes your opponents first piece of campaign mail.

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Vic said...

Erick got an Atlanta style spanking from the AJC but I don't think his peers on Macon City Council have enough moxy to censure him.

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