Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Ferraro Out of Bounds

Clinton's surrogates aren't helping her much today. If these comments by Ferraro (one of Clinton's top advisers and most successful fundraisers) are reported accurately, then Clinton best not keep quiet. The level of discourse in this race has dipped to an embarrassing level. Both candidates need to get a handle on their spokespeople. Keep this up, and a once-energized electorate will stay home rather than voting in November.


Tina said...

These days everyone should be savvy enough to keep their focus on the issues. Ferraro's subsequent rebuttal to criticism of her earlier statement was not an improvement over her original statement unfortunately. Actually I was a bit surprised at her.

Stephanie Woods Miller said...

As a young woman, Ms. Ferraro,an attorney and vice presidential nominee, was such an inspiration to me. She was amoung the list of people who factored into my believe that a career in the legal profession was attainable and that neither my race or my gender need be a barrier to achieving that goal. I was so deeply disappointed not only in her comments but in her failure to admit that what she had said was offensive and hurtful to a large number of people of diverse backgrounds who had until that moment held a great deal of respect and affection for her.