Friday, March 21, 2008


Sorry for the absence from this page. I think I've had the flu. Or something very much like the flu. Flu-ish. Victor, in particular, has been watching closely, asking for my definition of "tomorrow" and hoping for the rest of the post on City Council attendance. I'm still checking some numbers and trying to decide the most fair way to report the data. Every member of Council is assigned to committees. Some of the members are assigned to committees that meet more often than other committees, and some of the members go out of their way to attend all the meetings-whether or not they are actually members of those committees. One thing is for sure-if you are elected to City Council, and make half an effort to be informed about City business, you are going to attend a whole lot of meetings. And, if you choose not to attend the committee meetings, you risk being uninformed and probably should avoid commenting on what happened at the meeting you failed to attend. More, I hope, tomorrow.

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Tina said...

I don't think grammar is included in the test that Georgia's English teachers have to take. No kidding. I took it and cannot recall any of the specifics of grammar being included. Too bad, really. Not only does a knowledge of grammar make one a better writer but knowing the terminology of grammar is so helpful when learning a foreign language. People who don't understand the concept of grammatical case are doomed to utter abominations like "between he and I." :-)