Thursday, March 27, 2008

I Really Wasn't Trying to Pick a Fight With Erick

With these comments, I think Erick Erickson is trying for a three-weeks-in-a-row feature in the Political Notebook. When I posted the attendance numbers for Macon City Council, I did so with a list of caveats that would make most lawyers cross-eyed and really made an effort to just report the numbers without a lot of finger-wagging. Like I said, there are legitimate reasons why people miss meetings, and I got an early snapshot that didn't even include some meetings like subcommittees, retreats, orientation and related committees. All that said, whether we're talking about the legislature or city council, showing up is basic to effectively representing your constituents. I just don't think "vote for me and I'll show up as little as possible" works as a campaign slogan. Doesn't fit on the signs either.


Erick Erickson said...

Amy, just wanted to clarify -- I didn't think you were. I just do have a full time job and it has taken longer than I expected to shift over some duties.

I admire your getting the information. Most people, myself included, would have probably waited around for the Telegraph to get the info.

Very good work by you.

Have a good weekend.

Amy Morton said...

Thanks, Erick. The qualifying form for Council should come with a warning. You guys really do have entirely too many meetings. It's hard to imagine that it's necessary, but I guess so. I know what it's like to have a family responsibilities, a fulltime job and-like you I'm sure-volunteer responsibilities in and out of politics that take almost as much time as my "real job." So, it can be a challenge to balance.

By the way, for whatever reason, I can't post comments on your blog. I tired resetting my password, but no luck. Have I been bad?