Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jim Martin for Senate

Long anticipated, Jim Martin announced today that he will challenge Saxby Chambliss for U.S. Senate. Jim makes the sixth Democrat to join this race, and he has my unequivocal support. I read the announcement, and then I clicked over to the website and made a contribution. Jim brings a wealth of experience and unquestioned integrity to the race. Months ago, I detailed his qualifications here. Welcome to the race, Jim, and best of luck!


Don Thieme said...

I was just beginning to get excited about Rand Knight. I think that Jim Martin probably has a better chance of actually winning, though. Saxby will be very hard to beat.

Button Gwinnett said...

I have to go with Jim. There might not be a finer person in Georgia politics than he. I thought he ran a good race vs. Cagle in 2006. And I do see Chambliss as beatable. But it will take someone like Jim to do it.

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