Monday, March 17, 2008

Macon City Council, By the Numbers

According to records I received today from the City of Macon, in response to an Open Records Act request, the vast majority of Macon's City Council members are doing an outstanding job of showing up for council meetings, work sessions and committee meetings. Many council members not only attend the committees they are assigned to, but they also make a lot of the meetings of the committees they are not assigned to. It is to be expected that members will sometimes be absent. People get sick. Families have crises. Things happen. But, showing up is an important part of serving, so here goes.

Based on the information from the City:

Of Macon's fifteen council members, ten have attended 100% of the five full council meetings held since they were sworn in on December 11th. (12/11,12/18,1/15, 2/5, 2/19, 3/4)

The Perfect Attendance Certificates go to: Ellington, Watkins, White, DeFore, Hutto, Miley, Paris, Schlesinger, Benedict and Timley.

Cranford, Jones and Lucas have attended four of the five meetings.

Ross and Erickson have attended three of the five meetings.

As is true with most legislative bodies, most of the "real" work happens in committee, so tomorrow, I will post the % of attendance at assigned committees. Overall, I think you'll be impressed. Nine members have attended all of the meetings of all of their assigned committees, but I'm checking the numbers for one member who seems to have attended less than half of the meetings of his assigned committees. More on that later. And, several members will get gold stars for also attending the majority of the meetings of committees to which they are not assigned. One has attended 18 meetings of non-assigned committees. Want to guess who that is?


Vic said...

I'm guessing Hutto or Schlesinger.
Good work Amy, I love ORRs almost as much as i used to love a good pair of shoes.

Vic said...

Hurry please, it's like later already... If you need help on the math, just forward the spreadsheets and i'll foward it to a friend in new york, who will forward it to a friend in China to compute.

Vic said...

Please define "tomorrow."

"As is true with most legislative bodies, most of the "real" work happens in committee, so TOMORROW, I will post the % of attendance at assigned committees."

Amy Morton said...

One word. Flu.