Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Obama Delievers Historic Speech on Race

I believe Obama just sewed up the nomination.

My sister is my political barometer. She's a SC democrat, but she doesn't drink quite as much Koolaide as I do. So, I listen to her, in part, to figure out how "normal" people are reacting to whatever is going on in the political world. She supported Edwards and now supports Obama, but last week, on one of my particularly busy days, she called me and said, "You better tell Obama to 'do something' about that pastor because I've got to tell you, I can't vote for him if that's who's going to be advising him when he's sitting in the Oval office, making decisions about war and peace." (Sometimes I think she pictures a red phone on my desk that speed dials Obama's cellphone.) That's when I knew the pastor/church story was going to have some serious legs. But today, my sister called again. She had just heard Obama's speech on race, and she said, "I believe this speech will go down in history as one of the great speeches ever given on race in this country. There should be no doubt in anyone's mind after listening that this man can and should be the next President." I then listened to what I do think is an historic speech and encourage you to do the same. I agree with her. How can this man not become President?

The video is below, and here's the full transcript courtesy of MSNBC.


Tina said...

Is America smart enough to understand Barack Obama? I hope so.

rebecca said...

I am a 58 year old woman, perhaps getting her last chance to vote for a strong woman candidate for president. I voted for Hillary Clinton in the Georgia primary. Barack Obama's speech on race is the turning point for me. I am convinced that he will make the best president. I hope the young democrats will convince your superdelegate Mr.Hardt
to support Obama.