Wednesday, March 26, 2008

State Money Slashed for Georgia Sports and Music Halls of Fame

I am hearing that , based on the supplemental budget passed within the last few days, the state allocation for the budgets of the Georgia Sports and Music Halls of Fame will be cut in half. Both are located in Macon and get zero love from the Atlanta legislative delegations. They are at the heart of the museum district in Macon, and if they ceased to exist, that would be a huge blow to downtown. In that same area of town, we already have the struggling Georgia Children's Museum and the large, unfinished new Tubman. How did this funding cut fly under the radar? What did our local delegation do to try to stop it? I understand that the final vote it tomorrow, and that the budget is pretty much veto-proof.


I understand that the Senate Appropriations Committee partially restored funding (that the House cut) to the Sports Hall of Fame & the Music Hall of Fame budgets. Both museums will be an issue in the budget conference.

The most effective thing we can do is to call the Senate & House budget conferees. Senate budget conferees are Sen. Eric Johnson, Sen. Tommie Williams and Sen. Jack Hill. House budget conferees are Rep. Jerry Keen, Rep. Ben Harbin and Rep. Mark Burkhalter.

(I look at this list and see no Middle Georgia names. I think that may not bode well for restoration of funding, especially when there are bigger fish to fry-like trauma care.)

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makemaconbetter said...

How can I tell if my representative (Alan Freeman) voted to cut funding to the Georgia Sports Hall of Fame?

I have heard that he did vote to cut funding, but I would like proof.