Tuesday, April 8, 2008

560 Apartments Next to Rivoli Downs?

If you live in North Bibb, in Rivoli Downs or other nearby neighborhoods, pay attention. Your property value may be in jeopardy. The Savannah Development Corporation-located in Maryland, not Savannah-wants to build a 560 unit apartment complex at 5259 Bowman Road. This development would come within 20 feet of parts of my single family home neighborhood in Macon. More detail is below, but if you want to make comments in writing you must do so by tomorrow.

When I got home tonight, I noticed-how could I not notice-that there were fliers attached to the street light poll next to my drive way. I mean, like, six sheets worth of fliers. You have to understand, I live in a rather subdued neighborhood. Folks are not much for fliers unless they're missing a cat or a dog. So, I parked and then walked back out the the street to read the signs, half thinking that some creative-but-not-brave neighbor had found a unique way to complain about my garbage can being visible from the street or Veruca's rather enthusiastic barking at joggers. In reality, the signs warned about the planned development and recommended action. Here's the scoop:

On April 14th, the Macon/Bibb Planning and Zoning Commission will hear and application to re-zone 59 acres next to Rivoli Downs in order to build a 560 unit apartment complex. This type of development isn't just bad new for Rivoli Downs, but also for other nearby single family home developments. This type of development just doesn't make sense given that that surrounding property is for single family homes. Neighbors believe, I think correctly, that it would cause our property values to decline and result in increased noise in the neighborhood. The final selling point for me is that the proposed complex would come within 20 feet of Saddle Run Court. Why don't they just use the property to build single family homes?

This proposed development is on Bowman Road, but it will impact Rivoli Downs and other neighborhoods in the Rivoli, Northside Drive, Bass Road areas of town. So, if this is where you live, write Planning and Zoning and plan to attend the hearing at City Hall on April 14th at 1:30 pm.

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Vic said...

ooh, i think ______ & zoning may have finally met their match, give em hell Rivoli & Bass Neighbors.

Don't let ___&z do to you, what they and the County Commissioners are trying to do to the Forest Hill Road Neighborhood.